Things to Consider Before Purchasing Stemware

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Stemware

You may have questions about what you should buy for your table setting when it comes to stemware. There are a few things to consider and here, we will tell you what those are. Check out these tips on how to choose the right stemware for your table setting.

First, consider how often it will be used. If you entertain frequently you may want to consider inexpensive stemware that is dishwasher safe and easy to replace. If you entertain less often but for special occasions, you may opt for a handmade crystal. It requires hand-washing but if you aren’t using it frequently it could be worth the extra care and time.

Are your events formal or informal? The length of the stems of your glasses can create different looks at the table. If you are hosting an informal dinner short stems are less stately and more appropriate whereas if you are hosting a formal dinner, long stems will lift the look of the table setting and are better suited.

The weight of the stemware affects the decoration so consider what feel you want for the table. Thinner crystal can accommodate a shallow cut and will feel lighter in the hand. Thick crystal can accommodate cut decoration with deeper grooves and will feel heavy.

Now, do you want clear or colored stemware? Clear stemware won’t compete with the wine coloring or distort the clarity. For formal settings with multi-course meals, clear is recommended. Clear stemware also is able to blend with any table setting, dinnerware patterns, or tablecloths and won’t take your attention away from the table, rather add to it. Colored stemware can be a statement piece. Wines will change appearance in colored glass, however. Colored glass can be used as a decorative piece for a simple table, however. If you want to avoid your wine looking murky you can serve wine in clear glasses and serve water in your colored glass.

These are just a few tips on how to consider your table setting when entertaining. Everyone has their own style, but if you were asking yourself which was better for a formal setting or otherwise, hopefully, this will help just a bit. Remember, have fun at your dinner parties, enjoy the wine, and showcase it as best you can. If you’d really like to showcase your wine, check out our line of crystal stemware here!


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