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If the Wine Matters, So Does the Glass

Rachael Lowe,

Food & Wine Magazine’s 2016

Sommelier of the Year Agrees:


If The Wine Matters, So Does the Glass


Wine enthusiasts are
amazed by the difference
the glass makes.

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We are a small company dedicated to a single mission: creating the finest possible wine glass with which to savor and appreciate the result of years of workin the vineyard. Our quest for perfection in weight, balance and clarity will not be compromised by mass production. The crystal you purchase from us can only be produced by hand using centuries old techniques and skills that are learned only with many years of experience. Just as you understand thewine you are drinking is the result of the work of many people over many years time, the glass you are enjoying the wine from pays homage to the same artisanal traditions. We thank you for choosing Bottega del Vino Crystal and for sharing our belief that “If the Wine Matters, So Does the Glass!”

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Our Taste Guarantee

Our Taste Guarantee

We believe our BV07 Rosso Amarone is arguably the very best red wine glass on the planet. Hundreds of tastings with many thousands of individuals appear to confirm this.You may purchase up to 4 BV07

Special Offer

Special Offer

While supplies last, purchase any of our decanters and receive a FREE Spot-Not Decanter Drier and Polisher. A $24.95 value, free, while supplies last.

Concern For The Environment

Our Taste Guarantee

Wine glasses in general and handmade wine glasses in particular have a carbon footprint. It takes energy to produce them and more energy to ship them around the world, because you are basically shipping air.

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