Wine Trends

Wine Trends

What are the wine trends like in 2021? With all the other trends year after year, what about the wine trends? Well, if you haven’t kept up or didn’t know that you wanted to know, here’s your chance. Let’s look at a few of the wine trends we can expect to see during this year.

While Portugal has been famous for being the home of Port wine, it also makes some of the best unfortified red and white wines. This means a distilled spirit such as Brandy, usually, has not been added to this wine as it is with Port.

South African wine is making a splash. They are competing with regions like France for Bordeaux and Napa Valley. They are creating some of the best Bordeaux-style wines we have seen. They are in such high demand it is difficult to keep them in stock.

Rose has exploded in popularity but it has also gained a lot more versatility and seasonal range. Many rose wines are known for being great for summertime sipping but there are new, more intense examples of rose that are ideal for wintertime. These serve closer to cellar temp meaning around 50-55 degrees as opposed to the chilled rose you may think of during the hotter months.

Sparkling wines are getting more interesting as well. Champagne has been a front runner for the sparkling category for a long time and you may have heard that Champagne can only be called such if it’s from the Champagne region of France. But there is a wide world of amazing sparkling wines out there that deserve just as much attention.

Whatever wines you love, don’t be afraid to try new ones, too. As the years change and even just the seasons, new products and combinations emerge and I like to think things that are trending are usually trending for a reason. So don’t be shy, try out the new things that are popping up!


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