Wine Trends This Year

Wine Trends This Year

Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to start this year off right! It’s been a rough year, and with things starting to slowly fade back to normal, it’s time to raise a glass and toast to new beginnings! Besides maybe being able to go eat at your favorite restaurant again, here are some changes in the world of wine you can expect to see this year.

While we may be slowly getting out and about again, not everyone lives in the same state as their besties or family members. Over the last year virtual events really kicked up and more people starting using these online platforms to stay connected to those they care about. Work has also taken a shift into the home and work events over Skype and Zoom have become common. Virtual wine tastings are a great way to boost morale and engagement with employees in their off time, as well as for families and friends to enjoy a weekend of peace.

Access to wine via the internet will continue to grow. Online sales have of course seen an uptick over the last year and for a lot of people, they may stick to the convenience of ordering online. Luckily for producers, online orders and wine subscriptions have seen an uprise and it likely won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Portuguese wine sales surged by over 35% due to its quality to price ratio. If you thought of places like France or Italy when thinking of wine countries, it’s time to expand your views. Portugal is the new popular region for winemaking!

There have been many changes to life recently but one thing remains the same. People who love their wine will continue to find ways to get it, experience it with friends, and make an event out of it. Even if your gatherings are virtual, be sure to pick up some stemware that will really showcase your wine. Visit our website for the finest in crystal stemware and show off those new glasses on your next virtual wine event!


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