Wine Terms

Wine Terms

When writing or speaking about wine, critics, wine lovers, and writers will use certain terms that we may not all understand. Here we will talk about a few of those terms so you can better know what someone is talking about when using these specific words. Wine speak is a language all its own and once you learn, you can find a few words to know and even teach others to share knowledge and information. Knowing some of these terms can help you understand why you like a certain wine or not and remembering the styles of wine you prefer. So let’s jump right in.

Aeration – This is what happens to wine when you add air to it. This can help it be more fragrant.

Angular – This means that a wine is lean which is the opposite of round or even fleshy.

AVA – This is an abbreviation for American Viticultural Area. If a winery lists AVA on their wine it has to contain fruit from that AVA. This is required to be at least 85 percent.

Balance – This term is used to say that all the elements of the wine are evenly paired and flow together well.

Barrel Tasting –  This means that a taster has tried a wine before it has been bottled.

Big – This is a wine that is filled with copious amounts of ripe, alcoholic fruit. If wines are too large and not in balance they can be unpleasant.

Blind Tasting – This means that the wine is hidden from the taster. Single-blind would be knowing the type of wine but not the specific wine, double-blind would be having zero prior knowledge of the wine before the taste.

Bouquet – This is used to describe non-grape or berry aromas within a mature wine.

While these are only a few examples, there are so many words used to describe wines and their flavors. Try some of these words out, teach them to your friends, and learn new ones, not on the list. Knowing and remembering these terms can help you when trying to select new wines whether you’re researching them or asking a friend.


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