Wine in a Can

Wine in a Can

The way we consume wine hasn’t changed too much over time but the delivery method has. From barrels to bottles and boxed wine to cans, what is the best option? While wine in cans hasn’t always been the best when it comes to taste, things are shaping up for the trend. You don’t have to lower your expectations anymore to enjoy lightweight packaging, more sustainable, and less expensive options.

Before you go out and try every can of wine there is, consider what kinds of wine you already enjoyed. While experimenting is good, trying wine in a new container that you don’t already know and enjoy could put you off to it if you end up with something less than delicious. Start with wines you already know you like rather than ones that only come in cans. Can-only labels tend to buy bulk, factory-produced juice.

Wines that don’t need to evolve are best in cans or boxes. A red wine should still have a cork to allow for some oxidation. Fresh white wines and roses will respond better to the can packaging.

Consider pouring your wine into a cup regardless of the sleek packaging. This is because a typical can of wine equals about half a bottle. Throwing back multiple cans of wine quickly could lead you to a place you didn’t want to be if you are drinking quickly from multiple cans. So, consider using a glass to help pace yourself.

While wine in a can may not be new, it may not be something you’ve ever considered trying. If you are looking for ease and maybe something more portable, it never hurts to try something new. If wine in a can sounds up your alley then there are lots of options to try, today. And remember if you are using cans for your outdoor gathering at home for ease of access, try to serve it in a glass still. Choose from our carefully curated line of crystal stemware to bring out all the flavors you’re looking for in any wine.


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