Wine Club Ideas

Wine Club Ideas

Are you part of a wine club or have you ever considered starting one with friends? If so, you might be curious as to what types of things you could do for fun and entertainment. If so, check out this list for some ideas on how to get your wine club going!

Choose fun venues for your meetings. Find a  winery that has space and allows you to move around and make some noise.

Some fun events for your meetings could be trivia, a treasure hunt, lawn games, or a murder mystery style night.

For entertainment, you should consider vineyard tours. These can be exciting and informational. Do a movie night, a small concert, go to farmer’s markets or other vendor-style events (or host a small one yourself for local artisans). Throw holiday-themed parties and showcase your wine pairing abilities!

When it comes to food and wine, this is where things get really good. Have featured wine nights. Have everyone bring a dish that pairs well with the wine. This is a good way to learn and also to eat! Have a simple tasting night or spice it up by doing dinner and a tasting. You can host these in your home, you can hire a chef, or you can choose a favorite restaurant of the group and practice your pairing skills with a new menu every week!

Ultimately, the idea is to have a good time and maybe learn something along the way. The details and themes are all up to you (or Pinterest). If you’ve ever considered doing something like this and don’t want to join an established wine club or are just a group of beginners who want to learn on your own, starting a wine club is a great idea. There’s no pressure when it’s just friends, and it’s a great excuse to have some scheduled fun time with your favorite people!


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