Wine Aroma Wheel

Wine Aroma Wheel

Have you heard of the Davis Wine Aroma Wheel? This is a great way to get an idea of all the fragrances and flavors found in wines. The fragrances are due to the grapes that are used in the wine and the soils the grapes are planted in. It can also help you identify what you are tasting and smelling in your wine. This wheel is divided into many sections to help visualize all the flavors and scents found in almost all red and white wine varieties. Young wines tasters will typically experience primary aromas first. These come from the fruits such as berries, grapes, cherries, and so on. All scents in wine are not positive, though. The biggest faults take place because of TCA which can cause a wine to smell like wet dog or old newspapers. Over time wines can develop more qualities and layers of depth making up the bouquet of the wine. Some of these include things like tobacco, earth, chocolate, or truffle. Using a wine wheel like this can help you to express and decipher what you are tasting and smelling better and therefore, be able to make better wine tasting notes.

The quickest way to recognize and learn the aromas is to try different wines that are very different and scan the wheel for descriptors that best reflect what you are tasting or smelling. It is easy to train our brains to connect and identify the aromas in wine if we practice. You can also use a sparkling wine aroma wheel to describe aromas of different variations of sparkling wines.

Training our brains and noses to identify these special characteristics in different wines helps us to discover wines we may love or give us ideas for new wines we may like to try. Having an idea of what you like or even what’s available gives you more options when searching for those perfect bottles of wine.


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