Why Do Some People Get “Wine Mouth”

Why Do Some People Get “Wine Mouth”

Have you ever been at a party and someone asked you what was on your teeth? You may think you have some food stuck or something easy to get rid of just to find out that your mouth and teeth have a purple hue that you can’t seem to get rid of so easily? You may be wondering why you suffer from “wine mouth” and others do not, and how to stop this from happening to you every time you drink red wine.

There are two factors that determine how badly you may experience this. Those are the nature of the red wine you are drinking and your tooth enamel. Red wine gets its color from anthocyanins, which is the red pigment in grapes. It is high in tannins which help pigment bind to your teeth. Your teeth are also vulnerable because of the acidity of red wine. It etches your enamel causing it to become more porous and making it easier for the stain to hold on. White wine can be even more acidic than red wine but since it is white, it doesn’t stain.

Plaque is another cause of the appearance of staining. If possible, brush your teeth thirty minutes before you plan to drink red wine. You should never brush immediately after drinking though, as this will cause more etching on your enamel. Also, don’t drink white wine before red. Since the white wine is more acidic, this will make the staining worse.

So just because you get “wine mouth” doesn’t mean you have anything to be ashamed of. It is not, in general, a sign of poor hygiene or anything of the like. Try to remember to brush before drinking red wine if you know you suffer from this problem and are bothered by it. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy is obviously very important, but some things can’t always be helped as easily as others so just take care to prevent the issue before it happens and don’t be embarrassed at your next gathering!


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