Which Wines To Enjoy This Spring

Which Wines To Enjoy This Spring

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With spring on the horizon, breaking out some new flavors of wine are on the mind. Wondering what flavors best compliment the freshness of springtime? Let’s look at some nice light-bodied wines to bring in the season and welcome the return of longer days and more sunshine!

Light, fizzy, red wine. Doesn’t that sound refreshing? While some people have thought of Lambrusco as an overly-sweet beverage, there are plenty of bottles to find that are refreshing, savory, and food-friendly. If you look for a dry one and serve it chilled with pizza or charcuterie, you’ll find it pairs quite nicely. Try Fattoria Moretto Morose Lambrusco or La Collina “Quaresimo” Lambrusco for a refreshing time.

Amber or orange wine is a good medium when you’re not sure if you’re feeling a white or red wine. While it isn’t made from oranges, it is still quite perfect for spring. It is made from white grapes left to macerate on their skins. Typically, white wine is made by separating juice from skin immediately. If you leave the juice in contact with the skin, the wine will acquire tannin and structure, giving it savory notes. If you want to try this wine, consider a bottle of Channing Daughters “Ramato” Pinot Grigio or Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli.

Light French reds can be light, fresh, and highly admired. Low tannins make these wines perfect for spring sipping. Make it even better by chilling for 20-30 minutes before opening. These wines are low alcohol and fresh, making them easy to drink. Try varieties such as Brendan Tracey Pineau d’Aunis or Marcel Lapierre “Raisins Gauloises”.

Whatever you sip on to welcome the upcoming spring season, make sure you’re getting the most out of your tasting experience. Visit our website to find beautifully crafted stemware to compliment all your wines!


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