What Makes Wine Special

What Makes Wine Special

Wine might be special to you for a variety of reasons. It could signify a holiday or special occasion, or even just a moment of peace or alone time. To others, wine may just be a mixture of water and alcohol, a beverage, a means to get intoxicated. But if you believe wine is special, then keep reading, and let’s go over some of the things that make it so special.

Wine can be special the same way a whiskey or a cup of coffee can be. Consider all the variations, notes of flavor, and blends you can experience with any of these beverages. All of these beverages are considered great by some but also may be off-putting to others as they can all have very bold tastes. But appreciating something for what it is, knowing its history, and how it got to be what it is today is a whole different thing.

Winemakers have more in mind than just the taste of their wine. Some consider tradition and refuse to follow trends. Others are passionate about fidelity to the expression of a certain vintage. Sometimes others might consider these to be bad vintages, but if they have a vision of a wine they wish to make, they’ll work to create it.

Tasting wine and tracing the flavors back to the decisions made when making it can be a fun experience. This creates an opportunity for drinking out of curiosity and not just because you like the flavor or wanted a drink. Each bottle can show you what a certain winemaker thinks their wine should be. Consider green apple aromas in Chardonnay, for example. This points to a decision in winemaking to not initiate a secondary fermentation. Secondary fermentation is a chemical process by which malic acid is converted into lactic acid. Lactic acid can be buttery while malic acid has a green apple tart to it. If you notice this hint, you can assume that the winemaker decided to either not start in malolactic fermentation or that the decision was based on the vintage, or even changing consumer preferences. Either way, it is an experience and a fun thing to note these little differences in the wines.

Whatever wines you enjoy, try to make the most out of the occasion. Learning and growing your pallet with wines can be an exciting experience and you might find new favorites along the way!


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