What Do Your Favorite Wines Say About You

What Do Your Favorite Wines Say About You

If you love wine you already have a lot in common with a lot of other folks. But what do specific wines say about you? There’s no exact science to this, of course. Tastes are as unique as the people with them, but for fun, let’s look at some of the comparisons made between certain wines and personalities. Are any of these true for you?

Bubbly champagne equals a bubbly personality. Maybe you’re the life of the party or are a great go-to friend when a little fun is needed. Do you love to host parties or celebrate all sorts of special occasions? Champagne could be your signature drink!

Sauvignon Blanc oozes sophistication. Bold wine pairs with a commanding personality, one with power and air of having it all put together. Planning events, sticking to schedules, keeping a full social calendar are all said to be traits of the drinkers of this wine.

Pinot Noir is an elegant and graceful red. Fresh, graceful, and sweet when it wants to be, if this is a favorite you may find yourself quite popular with a variety of people but only let a few get close enough to see the real you. There are many varieties of this wine that it can be hard to pin down all the associated traits with each.

Almost everyone loves Rose wine and a few different things can be attributed to it but we’ll only go with a few. Feminine charm and style are traits related to this selection as well as being authentic and easy to enjoy. You tend to bring joy to those around you by being easygoing and playful, with great taste in wine to boot!

While no selection of wine determines anyone’s personality traits, it can be fun to compare wines with personalities. Even if they don’t match up to your own, the wines themselves are known to sort of take on these traits and be associated with them, giving them a certain air of fun or sophistication when serving them at certain functions. If you have a wine that makes you feel good, then that should be the wine you choose for any occasion!


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