Ways to Garden With Wine

Ways to Garden With Wine

Make gardening easier whether you have a large garden or a small herb harden. While gardening with wine may not be exactly what it sounds like, you can enjoy the wines before using the bottles in your planters and that just feels like a bonus!

Plant Markers

There are a couple of ways you can do this. Label and cut your old wine bottles and bury them bottom-up in your garden beds to identify each type of plant with a cute decoration. You can even add battery-powered string lights to more easily see them at night. The second way to label plants is with wine corks. If you have a lot of containers, consider putting your corks on a skewer and labeling them in your potted plants. It’s cute, it’s reusing old materials, and it keeps the spirit of wine in your gardening!

Bird Feeders

You can make a couple of different types of bird feeders from old wine bottles! Try filling a bottle with birdseed and making a DIY holder for it. Install the bottle upside down, and make sure there is a big enough lip so the seed doesn’t spillover. Use some sort of adjustable cap to control the flow at which the seed pours out and ta-da! A cute at-home bird feeder! You can also similarly create a lovely hummingbird feeder. All you need is the proper stem nozzle for the little guys to get the juice from, and a way to hang your bottle. You could use twine or metal and even create a decorative addition to the outside of the bottle this way.

Plant Watering

Fill a wine bottle with water and place it upside down, buried in your soil. This is best for larger container plants. Now you have an automatic watering device. Another fun trick is to cut your bottle in half, place the top half upside inside the remaining bottom half, and plant your herbs in the top half of the bottle. Make sure you also pull through twine of some kind, a cotton cord, or something to absorb the water. Let this hang out of the bottle opening and into the lower half of the bottle and it will provide drainage for your plant and also a way to wick water upwards and keep your herbs hydrated.

Garden Lights

Using the battery-powered LED lights you can create beautiful garden lights or pathway lights. Just put the lights inside, stake the bottle topside down into the ground, and you’ve got magical garden lighting!

There’s always a way to include your favorite things in life and there are plenty more ways than just the ones listed above to include your love of wine into your gardening. Get creative and make something beautiful!


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