Things To Never Do With Wine

Things To Never Do With Wine

Ever wondered what wine no’s you’ve been committing? While everyone has their own preferences in how they do things, here are some things that are generally considered to be “don’ts” in the wine world.

Never use ice cubes to chill wine. It waters down the taste and can even make your wine too cold if you use too much wine. Try chilling your wine in the fridge for about 30 minutes before enjoying it.

Don’t use a warm glass. If you just got done washing your stemware or got a glass out of the dishwasher, let the glass cool or run it under a cold tap for a moment. The heat from a glass can ruin your first taste of the wine.

Champagne flutes trap the bubbles so they flow upwards, making your champagne look sparkling and magical. But really this is trapping the scent of the wine and taking away a key part of your tasting experience. Instead, try enjoying your champagne from a white wine glass.

Whether your wine is in a wine fridge or on the counter, never store your wine in direct sunlight. Sunlight can change a wine’s flavor profile making it taste more concentrated rather than fresh or ripe.

Champagne doesn’t belong in a mimosa. If you are a wine lover, use prosecco or another sparkling wine. Enjoy champagne in its pure form.

Again, everyone has their preferences but many of these are more for the benefit of the tastes and aromas you could enjoy but might be missing out on if you do any of these things. Remember, how you serve a wine is just as important as the wine you chose. So be sure to properly store and serve your wine for the best possible experience. And if you need a new set of stemware to showcase your wine, make sure to visit our website!


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