Things to Do with Leftover Wine

Things to Do with Leftover Wine

If you find yourself with leftover wine going to waste, you’ll like this one. Instead of letting your wine oxidize over time and fade or lose flavor, try some of these ideas.

For starters, you can simply try buying smaller bottles if you often find yourself wasting leftover wine. But another choice is to buy boxed wine as it lasts as long as two months compared to the roughly five days for bottled wine.  Another option is to freeze your leftover wine. Pouring it into ice cube trays and freezing it opens up a lot of opportunities for future use. Add a wine cube to something like a sauce, glaze, or stew when you need a flavor boost. You can also use these for a summer glass of sangria.

Another option is to use your leftover wine for cooking or household tasks. For cooking, you can use various wines for dishes such as pasta, desserts, sauces, and vegetables. It’s quite easy to find a recipe for that leftover wine. As far as household uses go, you can use white wine for things like removing grease stains and cleaning up a spill while red wine can be used for fertilizing plants, moisturizing skin, and rinsing fruits and veggies to clean them and kill bacteria.

There are many used for those bottles of wine that would otherwise be thrown away. While not every quick tip works with every kind of wine, it is quite easy to find a few fun and easy ideas you may have never thought of. Just consider the kind of wine you have and decide which project, dish, or drink sounds like it will work best for your leftovers. Getting creative with your wine ensures you never have to waste a bottle again!


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