The Perfect Glass of Wine

The Perfect Glass of Wine

I don’t know about you, but I want to maximize the taste of my wine every time I open a new bottle. There’s nothing better than enjoying your favorite wine and getting the most out of it. Who wouldn’t want the perfect glass of wine every time? Let’s talk about how that can happen.
Firstly, the wine glass is important. As we say, if the wine matters, so does the glass. The glass design will determine how the aromas reach your nose and how the wine is received on your palate. Many glasses can be wine specific so make sure you pay attention when purchasing your stemware.
Do an experiment with your glasses once you’ve purchased them at home, also. Pour the same wine into a glass designed for your wine, and into a basic glass. Pay attention to the scent and the mouthfeel. Did you notice a difference?
Next, make sure to let the wine breathe. It can take ten to thirty minutes for a bottle of wine to open up. Putting your wine in a decanter ahead of time helps this process and gives you a beautiful centerpiece, as well as to showcase your wine. You can also use an aerator that plugs into the neck of the bottle. It uses gravity to force wine through a mesh and lets air into the wine. This is a way to expedite the opening process.
Don’t let your wine sit very long before you finish it. Most wines last about two days after opening, then the alcohol starts to evaporate out of the wine leaving you with a flat, vinegar-tasting wine. Certain cork systems will allow you to recork the bottle and remove air for longer keeping but the recommended time to finish the wine is still about five days.
If you need some great specialized wine glasses be sure to check our website for top-of-the-line crystal stemware to make your wine drinking experience the best it can be. And remember, the most important part of a good tasting is surrounding yourself with good friends and a great environment. Happy tasting!


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