The Best Cocktails for the Summer

The Best Cocktails for the Summer

If you are going on vacation or staying home this summer, what better way to enjoy your free time with amazing cocktails? Let’s talk about some of the tastiest drinks you can make this summer while lounging by the pool or camping by the lake.

Try a summer sangria if you’re planning on having a few people over for a cookout or a party. Sangria is a crowd pleaser and a great way to get a bunch of crisp, fruit flavors. Try white wine and berries for a berry sangria and it’ll be a hit.

Try sparkling wine cocktails. If you’re looking for something super refreshing to cool you off, try this option. You can go for a peach bellini which is a peach puree and Prosecco for a fresh drink!

Remember when making your cocktails this summer to not use oaked wines for your bases. They tend to clash with the other flavors and you don’t want to ruin your fresh fruit! Make sure to use fresh ingredients when available because they will taste the best. Inexpensive and fruity wines are great for use in cocktails so save your more expensive wines for tasting on their own. You won’t gain much from adding these flavors to your cocktails. You can add a touch of your preferred spirit to give your drinks a kick. Just don’t put too much in or you’ll overpower your fruits. Don’t overcomplicate it. Adding lemon, lime, or most citrus to a wine like Sauvignon Blanc will be delicious and won’t be too overly flavored. If you need stemware for your next backyard gathering, be sure to check our website for handmade crystal stemware sure to enhance the flavor of all of your beverages!


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