Snacks and Wine

Snacks and Wine

If you’re a snack lover and a wine lover, then you’ll love this list! Today we’re going to pair our favorite snacks with our favorite wines for maximum enjoyment. So sit back and enjoy this list, and maybe get inspired to try some new combinations this weekend!

Everyone loves a bowl of popcorn on movie night, right? Well, pair that popcorn with Chardonnay and get ready to crank it up a notch! The buttery flavor in popcorn enhances the buttery oak flavors of Chardonnay making it a blockbuster pair!

If you have more of a sweet tooth, pair cupcakes, and Moscato. The sugary cupcake will pair great with the sweetness of Moscato and make it all the more enjoyable.

Maybe you enjoy more of a gummy fruit snack? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Fruit snack and fizzy sangria pair great together! Sangria is known for having a variety of flavors so pairing your favorite one with snacks like raspberry, cherry, or blackberry fruit snacks is like a fruit explosion! It’s worth it, trust me.

If you’re a lover of yogurt and wine then try this next combination. Yogurt and pink Moscato is the best! The sweet flavors of the wine go great with creamy fruit yogurt. Top it with some granola and enjoy the perfection of this combination any afternoon.

Don’t feel like making dinner tonight? Order a pizza! Even better, pair it with a bottle of Pino Grigio and take your take-out to a whole new level. This semi-dry wine is slightly fruity and pairs with just about all Italian flavors, especially pizza! Who says eating in has to be boring?

What are some of your favorite snack combos? Anything we left out that is a staple favorite for the weekend? Finding your perfect pair is wonderful for those nights where you want to veg out and snack to your heart’s content!

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