Reasons for Rating Wine

Reasons for Rating Wine

Critics and bloggers score or rate wines along with their tasting notes. It is common in Europe to use a 20 point rating scale and in America, it is common to use a 100 point scale. Regardless of the method, a wine rating is just that. A rating that you’ve given a particular wine. The reasons for rating wine are quite simple. The note-taker or taster is scoring the wine based on their personal impressions. With professionals, there are some criteria they may be looking for when doing this but as an individual, you can rate your own wines for your notes and keeping track of what wines are your favorite and why.

If you are looking at wines and using the writer’s rating, you should remember to always read the descriptions of the wines as well. Some styles of wine that you may love might not be for the original writer. Remember to never judge a wine by its rating alone for this reason.

When comparing certain wines, there will be differences in the ratings as well. Some high or low ratings for one type will not be the same as the high or low rating for another. This is why it is important to either have a wide knowledge base when using this as a reference for your own selections or to rate it yourself for your own tastes and needs.

For wine ratings on mature wines, the descriptions and scores will be for the specific bottle and not the wine. After more than 20 years there is no such thing as a great wine, only great bottles. Bottles will age differently and was likely stored differently. This is why it’s important to remember to only take the rating for the bottle it is given for in these cases.

If you enjoy trying different wines and like to pair wines with certain dishes or just want to find a new favorite, consider taking wine notes and giving wine your own ratings!


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