Questions You May Have Asked About Wine

Questions You May Have Asked About Wine

Whether you’re a wine pro or a beginner, we’ve all had questions about wine, how we should drink it, and other various things related to the labels and the types of glasses we use. Here are some frequently asked questions about wine and some answers to those questions.

How long can you keep a bottle of wine? To answer this it’s important to note that every bottle is different when it comes to aging potential. Certain grapes are more suited to longer aging because of their tannin structure. This can also be dependent on the vintage and producer, though. Your wine clerk should have a specific answer for you on different bottles they are familiar with. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Have you ever wondered what makes a wine buttery? This could be one of two things. One answer could be oak aging which can provide a soft, creamy sensation, the other being a byproduct of malolactic fermentation. This is the process of introducing lactic bacteria to a wine which converts tart acid into a creamier one.

What are tannins? These are the compound in wine that makes your mouth feel dry. They come from the stems, skins, and seeds of grapes which is why red wine tends to have more tannins than white wine. Tannins can also come from wood so oak-aged wines may have some presence of tannins however, wood tannins tend to be less harsh than those from the grape.

Do you call a wine by the region or by the grape variety? This depends on the country as each one has a unique system to classify wines. Most Old World bottles will be labeled by region and New World will be labeled by grape variety, though.

The last question and most important question is how to learn more about wine. The answer is simple. Attend tastings, research, and ask questions. When you go to the wine shop, ask the clerk about different types of wines you are interested in and see what they have to say. Asking questions and always looking to learn is the best way to gain more knowledge of any topic so just remember, if you’re unsure, ask!


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