Put Your Wine Knowledge To The Test

Put Your Wine Knowledge To The Test

If you’ve gotten involved in a wine hobby over the last year or so, maybe you want to flex your skills and knowledge. Next time you have a game night try some of these trivia questions and see how many you or your friends can get right! The answers will be at the bottom so you can see how many you know!

  1. What is the most widely planted grape in the world?
  2. How much wine is in a standard bottle?
  3. Which is the largest type of wine bottle?
  4. How much wine does one acre of grapevines produce, on average?
  5. Which two U.S. presidents tried to grow their own grapevines?
  6. What does non-vintage mean? (NV)
  7. How fast can a cork fly out of a champagne bottle?
  8. What colors can wine be?
  9. Which country has the largest area of vineyards?
  10. How much wine is consumed every year, worldwide?


  1. Cabernet Sauvignon, with over 700,000 acres across the world.
  2. A standard bottle of wine is 750 milliliters or 25 fluid ounces, about.
  3. The largest wine bottle is called the Nebuchadnezzar and it holds 15 liters of wine. This is equal to 20 regular bottles of wine.
  4. Around 800 gallons of wine.
  5. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both tried and failed to grow grapevines in Virginia.
  6. Non-vintage wines are blends made of grapes from multiple different years.
  7. Up to 50 miles per hour. Because of this, you should cover the cork with your hand after twisting off the cage.
  8. Red, pink, white, orange, and blue.
  9. Spain has about 1,154,000 hectares of vineyards throughout the entire country.
  10. Over 24.7 billion liters of wine are consumed each year.

Hopefully, you learned a fun fact or knew the answers to all or most of these questions. Ask your wine-loving friends and see how many they get right!


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