How To Hold Your Wine Glass

How To Hold Your Wine Glass

Having a fancy dinner party? Going to a special event and want to impress? Have you ever thought about the proper way to hold your wine glass? If you answered yes to that last one, then have we got a guide for you. Here we’ll talk about the proper way to hold your wine glass and why it can be important.

When in doubt, always hold your glass by its stem and avoid touching the bowl of the glass. There are three reasons why this is important and that can impact your wine drinking experience. Stems help to keep your wine’s temperature steady. Most wine glasses have a stem specifically to keep your body heat from reaching your chilled wine. Since your hands share your body temperature of around 98.6 degrees, they can significantly alter the temperature of your wine which is usually chilled from around 40-65 degrees. Temperature changes can affect the flavor of your wine and make the experience not as enjoyable.

Stems also make swirling your wine easier. You have less control of the liquid when your hands are around the bowl. Being able to properly swirl your wine without spilling is useful because swirling your wine allows air to circulate and creates more aromatic compounds to reach the upper portion of the bowl. This allows you to enjoy the notes of the wine, more.

Another reason to hold your wine glass by the stem is simply that it avoids your fingerprints from getting all over the glass. This can change the view of the wine by muting the colors or generally just mudding up the glass. It takes away from the experience of observing the wine’s coloring.

If you are experimenting with the temperature of your wine it can be appropriate to hold your glass by the bowl. If you have chilled your wine too much it may taste too astringent so holding it by the bowl will help bring it back to a better temperature.

Holding your glass by the bowl can help you to keep the glass steady. If you are in a situation with a lot of people around and you find yourself standing most of the evening, holding your glass this way won’t tire your hand and will make it harder to spill.


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