Great Florals for Spring

Great Florals for Spring

Floral aromas are common in wine and this can be a lovely and refreshing note for springtime. What are some of your favorite flowers or scents? As we go through this list of floral wines, try to imagine the aromas and the tastes and maybe try one, or a few!
Lavender aromas are found in many red wines. Wines to try are Syrah, Mourvedre, Malbec and Tempranillo.
Orange blossom is aromatic, sweet, and elegant. This is a note often found in crisp Pinot Grigio. It can be enjoyed with seafood for the best experience!
Rose petal is a common aroma found in wines and can be found and enjoyed with Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and Grenache.
Violet, a personal favorite, can be found in softer wines such as an ethereal Pinot Noir. Violet aromas come and go and it is a lovely aroma to enjoy on a nice day outside. It isn’t too overpowering and gives off a semi-sweet aroma with a hint of plum.
For a more subtle experience, try a lemon blossom wine. It is a delicious mix of citrus and floral and creates a lovely dry sparkling wine. Some of these wines are also noted for aromas of pear and apple, making this a great wine to pair with seafood as well.
There are tons of wines out there with various aromas and flavors to suit any taste. If you haven’t yet, consider trying some new ones that lean more toward the floral side. You might be surprised what you find out there! Floral wines can be great for all different types of settings so do a little research next time you’re having a gathering and try to pick a few floral wines to accompany your meal. You may find a new favorite combination!


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