Fun Facts About Wine

Fun Facts About Wine

If you love wine and want to impress at your next gathering, here are some fun facts related to wine sure to spark conversation.

Did you know:

  • One bottle of wine contains about 2.7lbs of grapes.
  • A single vine of grapes will produce annually around 15-29 glasses of wine. That’s 3-4 bottles.
  • A glass of wine consists of about 1/2lbs of grapes.
  • In a year, an average of 2.68 gallons of wine is consumed in the U.S. per person.
  • There are 10,000 grape varieties worldwide.
  • Not all wines age well. Most wine should be consumed within one year.
  • A single acre of land can house anywhere from 450-2,200 vines.
  • You should hold your wine glass by the stem, not the base. This prevents your hand from raising the temperature of the wine.
  • California is the fourth-largest producer of wine in the world.
  • Women, especially ages 25-35, are better tasters due to their superior sense of smell.
  • Red wines with higher levels of tannins are healthier for you.
  • Soil rich in nutrients ideal for growing vegetables and other crops produces less flavorful wine.
  • A magnum bottle of wine is equal to two standard bottles of wine.
  • Red wines lose color as they age, where white wines gain color.
  • Putting ice and salt in a bucket will chill your beverages must faster than just ice.
  • Wine is fat-free!
  • White wine can be made from white and red grapes.
  • White wine has around 160 calories while red wine has closer to 110.
  • Storing your wine bottles upright can dry the cork causing it to shrink and allowing oxygen into the bottle. Always store your wine bottle on their side.
  • And lastly, some people have a fear of wine. This is called Oenophobia.

Hopefully, these wine fun facts have taught you something new and interesting! If you learned something, share it with your friends at your next gathering with wine.


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