Fun Facts About Wine Glasses

Fun Facts About Wine Glasses

From a variety of sizes and shapes to crystal and glass, there are many different types of wine glasses available for use today. Regardless of which style is your favorite, we thought we would go over some fun facts about wine glasses today and see if we can learn something new. Let’s jump right in!

  1. When glassmakers began purifying their raw materials to remove color-causing elements, they also removed some of the things that make the glass durable such as lime which acts as a stabilizer.
  2. Champagne glasses used to be wide and flat shaped. It became apparent though that the large surface released too many of the bubbles and caused the fizziness to go flat faster than expected.
  3. A wine glass used to be more like a shot glass measuring in at around seven times smaller than an average glass today.
  4. Wine glasses have gotten taller and stems have also gotten longer. This has a lot to do with serving wines at the correct temperature and not allowing your hand to heat up the bowl of your wine glass but over time it was also seen as simply more appealing to the eye and made for a nicer table setting.
  5. An Englishman (George Ravenscroft) is responsible for making glass appear more beautifully. By adding lead oxide and flint to the mix he gave the glass the ability to look almost like crystal while also making it stronger.

Did you already know any of these interesting tidbits about glass? There’s so much to learn and such a rich history in the use of glasses and stemware from religion to royals. The stemware we know and love today has been modified over time to provide us with the perfect drinking experience every time. Do you think wine glasses will change much more as time goes on?



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