Cooking Wine VS Regular Wine

Cooking Wine VS Regular Wine

Have you ever noticed a category of wine that wasn’t labeled for drinking but rather for cooking? What is the difference between cooking wine and regular wine and can you use either? While you are able to put any regular wine into a dish, cooking wines are designed specifically for cooking. So let’s talk about what cooking wine is.

The main difference between cooking wine and drinking wine is the quality of the drink. Regular wine is finer and more flavorful and also has a stronger taste when added to your dishes. Cooking wine adds the flavor you need to cooking but will not be enjoyable to consume on its own due to its lack of potency. Cooking wine provides flavor and body to your dish without spending the extra money on a bottle of fine wine.

Choosing the best cooking wine depends on the flavors you are looking for and the flavors you are working with within your dish. The six main styles of cooking wine are dry reds, dry whites, dry nutty, sweet nutty, sweet fortified reds, sweet whites, and rice whites.

Dry reds are best for heavier dishes like stews or cream-based soups. Dry nutty wines are great for gravies and fish. Sweet nutty wines are great for desserts and ice cream. Sweet fortified reds pair nicely with rich sweets such as chocolate desserts. Sweet whites are best with sweet fruit tarts or flaky fish. Rice wine is good for marinades and Asian dishes.

If you are interested in trying out cooking wine you can generally find it in most stores but you can also purchase it online or through specialty cooking stores. These may provide a wider variety, also. If you choose to go to a store and are new to cooking wines make sure to find a clerk and ask plenty of questions and be ready to let them know what types of dishes you’re looking to cook so they can help you choose the best option.


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