Champagne Flute or Wine Glass

Champagne Flute or Wine Glass

There seems like an obvious answer to the question, “Should I pour my champagne into a champagne flute or a wine glass?”. And while you may think, “Obviously a champagne flute!”, that isn’t your only option for enjoying your bubbly.

While champagne flutes have been the norm for a while, consider this; white wine glasses allow the aromas in your sparkling wine to express themselves better. It was thought that the narrow, tall flute would keep your wine cooler and preserve the bubbles for longer. However, the aroma should still be a factor. A wider glass will intensify the aromas as it has a wider bowl, and will keep your beverage at a perfectly reasonable temperature for your sipping pleasure. Also, a sparkling wine typically only lasts for about two days after being opened, so for such a short-term use product, you could be getting a lot more out of the tools you’re using to enjoy it.

Ultimately, use whatever stemware fits best with your lifestyle or the event you’re hosting. But consider that swapping out your champagne flutes for a few more white wine glasses will ultimately save you some space and be more functional for everyday use. Unless you are champagne toasting every night, you likely have a whole section of the cabinet in your kitchen or hutch dedicated to housing your flutes and ultimately, wasting space for items that you may only use once a year. A few extra white wine glasses will accommodate a whole range of white wines, including your sparkling wine, and even a few lighter reds. Versatility is key, so swap out those old flutes and free up some much-needed storage space! Looking for those versatile wine glasses? Check out the BV04 glass. This glass is great for young reds and white wines!


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