Best Wine Games

Best Wine Games

There are many ways to enjoy wine. Tasting it may be your first thought, of course, but what about learning things about wine and all your favorite varieties? If you enjoy a good game night, consider trying some of these fun wine games as part of your next one and test your knowledge or just have some fun!

Test your wine knowledge with a wine tasting game. Learn to identify wine in terms of region, vintage, and more based on taste and smell, only. You get to improve your wine knowledge while also tasting. It’s the best of both worlds!

Try a guess the price style game. You can also do this game as a tasting game. Try to guess the price of the wine by either label, or by taste, or both! Keep some unopened bottles on hand and let the winners keep the bottles they guessed correctly!

Wine Pictionary is a fun take on the original game. Write wine-related words or terminology onto cards to be drawn. Each team can take turns trying their best to draw the different words. This can be a much more challenging version of the game but a lot of fun trying to guess everyone’s drawing when the subject is wine, wine, wine!

A version of categories but with wine is another fun option! Decide how many slots you want to fill and roll for a letter. Choose your topic such as red wine, white wine, or whatever other categories you want to play. Then see who can come up with the most related words. This can help improve your wine vocabulary, immensely.

What other types of games could be turned into a wine lovers game? Next time you have a game night, see if you can turn any of your old favorites into wine games and try them out with your friends and family.


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