Wine Tasting Games

Wine Tasting Games

Game nights, wine, and good friends sound like a recipe for a great night! If you and your friends are really into wine, why not bring a few wine-centered games into your next gathering. Let’s talk about a few.

A Taste of Wine and Murder is a murder mystery game perfectly fit for a wine-themed evening. Solving the mystery and questioning your friends using your best accents and playing your character is a great way to spend an evening. Pick it up today and try it out at your next party!

A game of categories based on wine is another fun one. Name a wine-related category and everyone must take a turn naming a variety of wines until someone can’t think of an answer.

Price is Right style Name the Price game can be fun. Purchase a range of bottles of wines that vary in price. Everyone must take guesses on the cost of the wine for points. The winner gets to take their favorite bottle home!

Wineopoly is a great one! The gameplay of Monopoly with fine fun facts to entertain throughout the night!

Play a game where you have to identify the aromas of different wines. Get a variety of wine and make sure someone keeps an answer key. Take turns with the wine trying to identify the aromas and the winner gets to keep their favorite bottle.

Have a blind taste test to see how much everyone knows about their favorite wines. Get a few of the group favorites and see if people can identify their self-proclaimed favorites!

Get creative with your next game night and try out some of these games or any others you may know! And if you are hosting, don’t forget to visit our website to pick up some amazing crystal stemware to really wow your friends!



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