Wine Cocktails

Wine Cocktails

Wine cocktails have gotten a bad reputation over the years. This is partially due to the emergence of wine coolers. Wine coolers were a time before artisanal cocktails and craft beer were all the rage. Wine coolers are crafted from a combination of wine, fruit juice, carbonated water, and sugar. They have been being sold in their brightly colored, overly sweet varieties since the ’80s. But the wine cooler is not the only wine cocktail available.

A cocktail at its very base is sugar, a bitter, and a distilled spirit, making it easy to see why wine could fit into a cocktail recipe. Whether it be distilled brandy, a sparkling wine, or vermouth, there are many options for wine to make an appearance. A cocktail can contain any number of liquid ingredients, fruits, infusions, dilutions, or flavorings. A beverage made from wine can add complexity to the taste of high-proof spirits.

As an example, a wine spritzer is a combination of wine, typically a white or rosé, and bubbly water served chilled. This is a very simple cocktail and because of its ease of preparation and consumption, spritzers have spread quickly throughout the wine-drinking world. A variation of the wine spritzer is the Tinto de verano which is a red wine mixed with bubbly water and served chilled. You can add sprite or a variation in place of carbonated water for some extra sweetness.

So, whether you’re an avid wine cocktail drinker or you haven’t tried any yet, don’t let the wine cooler era taint your decision-making when it comes to these refreshing beverages. While not all wine coolers leave you feeling so fresh, a wine cocktail is sure to hit the spot on a hot summer day!


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