Why Is Prosecco So Popular

Why Is Prosecco So Popular

Why did Prosecco replace French champagne in 2013 as the world’s favorite sparkling wine? It is less expensive, for starters. At the low end of $13 and the higher end of $50, the competitors were mass-producing their wines from a sprawling vineyard causing their prices to be much higher. The majority of Prosecco is made in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. These methods also contribute to the lower pricing. Some producers experiment with older methods used in making wine champagne by aging wine on its leis and adding yeast and sugar to the bottle.

Prosecco is a versatile wine great for parties and events due to its price point and of course, the bubbles. From Prosecco bars in New York and London to restaurants serving pizza and Prosecco, and all the way to high-end department stores, this wine can be found making a splash all over.

Consumers tend to link this sparkling wine with Italian style, a luxury and sophistication within reach and affordable.  It also is easy to remember and pronounce and while this may not seem like a reason a wine should be popular; it certainly has its benefits for non-versed wine drinkers in a world of confusing labels.

Prosecco is light, fruity, and has an uncomplicated flavor. This makes it easier to drink than champagne, for instance, as champagne can be more complex. There are variations, of course, such as Brut, Extra Brut, and semi-sweet. Drier versions are great food wines and can be used as the base for many wine cocktails.

Prosecco is made from Glera, a synonym for northern Italy’s Prosecco grape. There are semi-sparkling versions, frizzante, and still wine. International success has been based on the sparkling version, however.

In 2017, Prosecco was around 20% of all bubbly sold. In 2020 the sales were up 39% from the same period as the prior year. The popularity continues to grow over time with Prosecco and it hasn’t slowed down much. So, if you haven’t already, grab a bottle and taste the difference. It’s always great to have an affordable option!


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