When Should You Add Ice to Wine

When Should You Add Ice to Wine

Have you ever added ice cubes to your wine? Maybe you didn’t have time to properly chill it or maybe your glass warmed up and you wanted to get that refreshing coolness back in. Let’s discuss what ice does to wine and when it’s considered acceptable to add it.

Ice chills your wine, of course, but it can also water it down. Adding ice to wine could make it more refreshing on a hot day if you don’t have a chilled bottle available, but doing so will dilute colors and aromas from it. Adding ice to complex wines may not be the best idea as it will muddle some of the intensities and flavors you are meant to enjoy. If proper chilling methods are not readily available, ultimately, one ice cube likely won’t ruin your glass as a minor dilution can be better than sipping on hot wine and having those vapors ruin your tasting experience.

Bright and crisp wines will retain some acidity when diluted, making these the least offensive wines to add ice to. Another candidate is high-quality wines made to be served over ice. These wines typically have a higher sugar content. If you are dealing with an unbalanced wine that is a bit too harsh, adding some ice might help make it a bit more bearable.

If you are going to add ice to your wine, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact on taste and minimalize dilution. Using very cold, fresh ice from the freezer will give your wine more chill than dilution. You can also try whiskey ice cubes. These are made from stone or metal and once frozen act as an ice cube for chilling but don’t water down your beverage. Ideally, this is the best option as these cubes can be great for a lot of different drinks.

So, while it is always to one’s own preference how they chill their wine, if you lack temperature control and just want to freshen up a warm glass of wine, consider these options and always keep the flavors in mind as to not ruin your tasting experience.


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