What to Do at a Wine Tasting

What to Do at a Wine Tasting

Have you always wanted to visit a beautiful vineyard and partake in the wines and atmosphere of a wine tasting event? If you have, here are some tips for things to do, and not to do, while at your wine tasting.

Try to get a few friends to join you. Sipping wine is a lovely activity, why not share it with a close group and make a day out of it.

You will want to pace yourself through the event. Don’t miss out on the flavors and enjoying the wine by overindulging too quickly. If you are visiting more than one vineyard in a day, especially keep this in mind and try to limit yourself to two glasses at your first stop.

Swirling the wine is a good thing to do. You may wonder why people do this, and here’s why. It releases aromas so you can enjoy the scents and sniff before drinking. Individual perception will determine the smell and experience so if your server suggests an earthy smell and you don’t pick up on that, don’t worry. Just enjoy the wine and try to get out of it what you can. Discuss it with your friends and see what everyone agrees on.

Avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or using strongly scented soaps when attending a wine tasting. Taste is strongly affected by smell and you could either be missing out on some of the aromas a wine has to offer or you could be interfering with people around you trying to enjoy their own wines.

Don’t drink your wine quickly and request refills. Remember you are at a tasting, not an open bar.

Try to be engaged when hearing the description of the wine you’re trying. Not only is it polite, but you might discover something you wouldn’t have noticed about the wine on your own.

Spitting into the pour bucket is generally acceptable at tastings so don’t worry if you see people doing this.

Lastly, ensure you have transportation arrangements and be safe. Wine tastings can be a lot of fun and you can learn a lot of new and exciting things about wine. You may even find your next new favorite! So enjoy, be safe, and have a blast!


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