Tips and Tricks for Beginner Wine Lovers

Tips and Tricks for Beginner Wine Lovers

If you love wine or are just getting into it, there are some ways you can make every experience sparkle. Here are some tips and tricks to make enjoying wine even more enjoyable and easy!


  1. Using gel wine sleeves in the freezer will help you chill wine quickly or keep your bottles cool.
  2. Invest in good stemware. A wine glass that is versatile for multiple wines is a good start. Also, make sure you hand wash your stemware.
  3. Find a wine opener that’s comfortable to use. A lever-style corkscrew is a good start.
  4. Keep a few wines on hand that aren’t too expensive but are just as great for a casual weeknight as they are for a weekend gathering.
  5. Get non-drip pourers for less spillage when pouring wine at a party.
  6. When you find a wine you like, take notes and notice the details you enjoyed so much. Note things like the vintage, the name, the price, the aromas, and the flavors. There are also apps you can use for this that can even help you find new wines based on type and price.
  7. Don’t store your wine on top of the fridge. Between the heat and vibrations, your wine can dull out and become less fresh. Make sure you store it in a room without direct sunlight and in a cool and dark place.
  8. Boxed wine is being produced by top producers all over. Don’t put your nose up to boxed or canned wines. Do some research and find good options. These can be economic and of great value.
  9. Speaking of value, don’t be afraid of the cheaper wines. There are plenty of expensive wines out there but they don’t have to be $100 to be enjoyable. Finding affordable bottles isn’t difficult and what’s even better, you can buy more of them!
  10. Keep trying new things! The best way to learn more about wine is to keep trying different varieties. Stick with favorites but use them as a guide into choosing more!



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