Questions You May Have About Wine

Questions You May Have About Wine

Many people have various questions related to wine whether it be cost-related or just preference questions. Whatever the questions may be, we’re here to try to answer a few of the most common ones.

How long will a bottle of wine last? Depending on the quality of the wine, this answer can vary. Less expensive wine needs to be consumed more quickly while expensive wines can typically age for many years. In red wines, some particular grapes are suitable for extended aging due to their tannic structure but not all wines are meant for aging.

What causes headaches when drinking wine? Many people may blame this on sulfates but these are added as protective measures to ensure grape juice doesn’t encounter spoilage or bacterial issues. They cause severe allergic reactions if you are sensitive, but they are not the culprit for headaches. Wine headache causes vary from person to person. Some only get headaches from red wine. Grapes carry histamines and other complex organisms on their skins and these are the causes for headaches.

How should you store a bottle of wine? Getting a wine fridge is a great option if you are getting serious about wine. If you don’t want to get a wine fridge, find a cool, dark room like a pantry and use a wine rack that allows you to lay your wines down on their side. Keep the bottles on their side and untouched until you are ready to drink them.

A secondary question to this is why should wine be stored on its side? The answer is simple, though. Storing wine on its side helps to keep the cork moist. A dried-out cork will allow oxygen into the bottle and dry out your wine. If you plan to drink the wine within the week you purchased it, storing it upright will be fine, however.

Are there any other questions you’ve ever had or been asked about wine? A lot of questions come down to personal preference such as favorite wines or choosing wines with different food. While there is a flavor profile associated with different types of wine and food, your own preference will always trump any other opinion. If you have questions about wine, don’t be afraid to do some research and learn new things. Next time you have a gathering and someone has one of those questions, you might be able to teach them something!


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