Pairing Wine With Ice Cream

Pairing Wine With Ice Cream

The days are getting warmer, and ice cream is sounding more and more like a great idea for dessert or a daytime snack. But maybe you usually have a glass of wine at these times and don’t want to give that up. Wine and ice cream can be difficult things to pair, so we’re going to look at some options so that you can indulge all of your sweet tooth needs and not have to give anything up!
Why is ice cream hard to pair with wine? Well for one, it is said that wine should be sweeter than the dessert to avoid the wine coming across as flat. Acidity is another factor. Consider putting lemon or lime juice on top of your ice cream. My lips puckered just thinking of it. Tannins are another component here. While some tannic wines may pair well with rich dishes, adding sugar changes the profile entirely. The sweetness of your dessert can get overshadowed by bitter and dry flavors. Let’s look at a few paring that should do the trick, though.
Chocolate ice cream goes well with berry notes in red wine. A semi-sparkling red wine with notes of strawberries, black currant, or a bold dark fruit Zinfandel would work well with this ice cream.
Vanilla pairs well with semi-sweet sparkling wines but again, the berries can come into play here with a pallet like vanilla and you can opt for a Zinfandel with notes of blackberry.
Pistachio ice cream would pair nicely with an off-dry Riesling or Chardonnay. Prosecco is another great option here.
Berry sorbet as a slightly healthier option would pair well with an off-dry rose. You can also put these together to make a frozen delight!
There are many pairings you can do with ice cream and wine, you just have to carefully consider all of the flavors. Practice makes perfect, but hopefully, this list will be a good start for anyone wanting to delight in some wine with dessert!


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