How to Store Opened Wine

How to Store Opened Wine

So, you didn’t finish that bottle of wine. You’d like to save it for tomorrow or later in the week, but every time you revisit an already opened bottle, it just isn’t the same. If you’re tired of letting your favorite wines go to waste, here are some tips for keeping your wine fresh and storing it once it’s been opened.

Firstly, you want to make sure you replace your cork correctly. Use the side that has already been exposed to the wine. You know the wine tasted fine when you opened it, and using the “clean” side of the cork could just be introducing random bacteria into your bottle as it has sat exposed for who knows how long.

Store your bottles in an upright position. This will reduce the surface area exposed to oxygen.

Store your wine in the fridge. Yes, even your red wine. Colder temperatures slow down chemical processes including oxidation. An opened bottle of wine can stay pretty fresh in the fridge for around five days.

Buy your wine in smaller sizes or utilize multiple smaller bottles. There is less room in small bottles and therefore, less exposure to oxygen. You can decant your leftovers into smaller bottles and keep them in the fridge.

Use a wine preservation system of some kind. Private Preserve Wine Preserver is the original and number one rated wine preserver. It’s simple to use and will keep up to 120 bottles of wine fresh by removing oxygen from an open bottle. Spray your wine and re-cork immediately. This will keep a protective layer of preserving gas on the surface of the wine when stored in an upright position.

Nobody wants their wine to go to waste, so use these tips to help save all your future bottles of wine.


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