How to Remove Red Wine Stains

How to Remove Red Wine Stains

Most of us have been here, before. Sometimes it seems it doesn’t matter how careful you are, spills happen whether they’re caused by you, a waiter/waitress, a friend, or a bump from a stranger in a crowded place. But in keeping the theme of all things wine, why not discuss how to get rid of the dreaded red wine stain. Here are five stain solutions for all your accidents.
This first one is especially good for carpets and rugs. If you spill on a rug or carpet, immediately blot as much of the wine up as possible with a paper towel. Remember to blot, don’t rub it in! Cover the entire stain with salt until you can no longer see the red wine. Let this soak into the stain and dry up. The salt should suck up the remainder of the wine, removing the stain and leaving you only a pile of salt to vacuum up.
For clothing spills, mix equal parts of Dawn dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide. Pour this mixture onto the wine stain and allow it to soak in. You should notice the stain fading immediately. After allowing this mixture to soak in thoroughly, wash your clothes as normal. This will work best on lighter-colored clothing as hydrogen peroxide has the ability to bleach out colors.
Another trick for clothing is white vinegar and laundry detergent. Cover the stain with the white vinegar to neutralize the purple and red pigments and then immediately rub in liquid detergent. Launder in hot water and the stain should lift out.
Lastly, another fabric trick is boiling water. Say you’ve spilled red wine on your white table cloth. Boil water in a kettle or something similar you can pour it out of, and pull your fabric taut over a bowl, making sure to secure it around the edge with a rubber band. Pour the boiling water over the stain on the pulled fabric from a height over a foot above the stain, and this should wash out the stain if done quickly.
Hopefully, one of these tricks will work for you the next time you have a red wine spill but remember, fabric types and how quickly you react are key factors in stain removal. And always remember to never try to rub out a stain, always blot. This helps ensure you don’t simply drive the stain in deeper.

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