Five S’s Of Wine Tasting

Five S’s Of Wine Tasting

Whether you are wine tasting at an event or just want to try it at home, there are ways to get the most out of your experience. Understanding what you’re looking for is a good place to start. Today we will go over the five S’s of wine tasting so you will be prepared.

The first S is for See. What color is the wine? Notice if it is clear or cloudy. Color is best judged by putting it against a white background so if you’re trying this at home use a white wall or tablecloth. Color can give you clues to the grape variety and the aging process. A wine that is darker typically is a sign of being aged in oak barrels. The intensity of the color can also give you an idea of the taste. Color saturation tends to go hand in hand with flavor intensity.

The second S is for Swirl. Swirl the wine a couple of times to give it air. Heavy wines that are deeper in color will generally also be more intense on the nose. Sweet wines that are denser tend to leave thick streaks down the inside of the glass when swirled.

The third S is for Sniff. Scent is the main sense used for wine tasting so sniffing it first is essential to a proper tasting. Wine’s quality can be judged by its scent as well as taste. Consider the scents you pick up on. Do you smell fruit, herbs, spices, or something else?

The fourth S is for Sip. Take a larger sip than you normally would and hold the wine in your mouth for three to five seconds to let it coat the surface. Here is where the complex taste and characteristics of a wine will happen. Pay attention for fruitiness, saltiness, acidity, alcohol, and bitterness. What is your overall impression and do any of these components overpower the others or is the taste balanced and pleasant?

The last S is for Savor. Is the taste lingering? The sensation from swallowing the wine can be quite different from the taste on your palate. Look for an alcohol taste and the amount of time the wine taste stays with you. Some wines can linger for as long as a minute.

Now that you know the fundamentals of a wine tasting, why not have one at home? It can be a fun spring activity with some of your close friends. Impress with your knowledge and maybe learn something more about your favorite wines or new ones along the way. And as always, if you need a set of stunning stemware to amp up your event and give you the best possible tasting experience, visit our website and browse our fine line of handcrafted crystal stemware!


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